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Gymball 55cm Grey

  • Referenz: ADI/ADBL-13245/GR/
  • Marke: Adidas Accessoires
  • Verfügbarkeit: Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage

24,99 € *


: Anti-burst Material, besonders robust und sicher

: Dual-Grip-Textur für zusätzliche Stabilität

: Inklusive Handpumpe

: Maximales Nutzergewicht 110kg

: Empfohlen für 155cm-167 cm große Anwender






A gymball has to offer a fine balance between support and instability, if the ball is too rigid or too soft then the effects on your core stabilising muscles will be compromised. The adidas Gymballs all perform to these optimal levels.


This particular Gymball has been manufactured with anti-burst material for added safety and features a dual texture grip for extra stability. 55cm in diameter, the gymball is ideal for users between 5' 1" and 5' 6" tall - this is important to know when selecting your gymball as your knees should be positioned just a little lower than your pelvis to make a 90 degree angle.


Enhancing the effects of your daily workout, the gymball is used to keep the balance, with the body working different muscle groups that wouldn't be active while exercising on a flat surface. Suitable for sit-ups, back exercises, stretching and resistance work, the adidas Gymball is a must-have fitness accessory in your collection and comes with the necessary hand pump.